Trace Hobson, Chief OAM: Organizational Alchemist & Mystic

Trace HobsonTrace Hobson
Chief OAM: Organizational Alchemist & Mystic

In a typical, mainstream organization, you might call Trace Hobson the Company Development Officer or something uninteresting like that. However, at the Center for Transformational Presence, we prefer far more creative and colorfully descriptive titles. We call Trace Hobson is our Chief OAM (pronounced “OM”)—our Chief Organizational Alchemist and Mystic. Trace serves in this capacity through his own company, iConnectExpansion. Alan Seale and Trace Hobson have established a Global Strategic Alliance between their two companies with the intention of creating a world that works for everyone.

Through iConnectExpansion, Trace’s role for the Center is to further develop the work of Transformational Presence within organizations and businesses and to continue expanding the reach of our open-enrollment programs. In addition, he supports the Center through the creation of networks and partnerships among our Transformational Presence community members, and supports our graduates in the further development of their own companies and work in the world.

Trace created iConnectExpansion specifically to serve the further connection, expansion, and development of Transformational Presence throughout the world. He does this through customizing and contextualizing Transformational Presence programming for specific industries, companies, and organizations, and supporting those organizations in their specific service to the world. To that end, Trace will often serve as a catalyst for launching and supporting specific initiatives, stepping in to support community members and companies when there is a need, and stepping out of the way when the initiative and people involved are ready to fly on their own. As one member of our community said, “Trace has the ability to make Transformational Presence real and accessible for people in companies and organizations.” Another said, “Your presence has been incredibly helpful in taking my company and what I can offer to the next level.”

Trace Hobson is an intuitive and multi-dimensional leader. Over the last thirty years, he has worked globally in technical and non-technical industries coaching executives, managers, leaders, teams, and organizations for expansion, leadership, and transformation.

At the age of 15, Trace began working alongside his entrepreneur father. From there, he worked his way up to executive-level positions in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. His broad professional experience, his passion and deep commitment to the principles of conscious leadership, and his personal soul mission have now come together in his leadership role in our global Transformational Presence community.

When asked about the Transformational Presence approach and his role in our community, Trace says:

The reason that I find the Transformational Presence work so compelling is because I get to be me inside of this unique space that we create together—the kind of space that people everywhere long for. It’s a space of freedom and authenticity—a space where we all get to come and play unapologetically and explore our unique gifts, our conditioning, our insecurities, and our magnificence. It’s a space of unconditional acceptance and love that transforms anything that comes into it. 

For me, personally, as I allow myself simply to breathe and be present within that space, somehow my cynicism, resistance, judgment, and fear is transformed into deeper compassion and awareness. The Transformational Presence space inexplicably weaves it all together with a consistency and texture of love, connection, laughter, and joy that I can barely explain. Each time, it is unique, yet each time it’s also reliably the same, in spite of my fear and doubt. I love this space and I want to support others in learning how to create it, too.

At the end of the day, I believe that everything that I have been through, both personally and professionally, has brought me to this point in the here and now. I am here, bringing all of who I am, to serve people and organizations with transformational tools and processes that can help them find themselves, their authentic power, their unique contributions to our world, and most importantly, their wholeness.

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